Custom Products

Collaborations, commissions and custom products

Here are some of the projects that we have created, as either custom orders (mostly through commissions) or in collaboration with other creators and makers.

University of Southampton Awards

We recently worked with the University of Southampton on a series of awards for the 'Excellence in Virtual learning' awards. A ceremony that takes place annually and rewards academic teams who create great online learning for their students. This competition is led by the 'Digital Learning Team' at the University and it was a pleasure working on them. We were asked to create a few variations on the award (to follow corporate guidelines), but overall were given a good amount of creative freedom to create something that was a little bit different for the recipients. The design was engraved onto cut, planed and sanded Beech wood.

SingleFin Stamp

We recently worked on a collaboration with the SingleFin Collective (go and follow them on Instagram) to create a rubber stamp they can use on the back of their great prints. Find out more about the process on our blog page.

Jane Austen commemorative Poster


This poster was created to use in promotional material for an upcoming University of Southampton and Futurelearn online course (more details to follow) and was gifted to Chawton House as a thank you for their collaboration on the project (as well as all the tea and biscuits given to the University staff when they were on location)!

Wooden Trivet

This wooden trivet was made for a former Press Photo Engraver as a special birthday present. It features one of his favourite cameras (a twin reflex 'Rolleiflex') and is made from solid beech wood.

Lambretta Coaster Set

This Lambretta set was commissioned from us before Christmas 2017 and will likely go into full production in 2018 (with some tweaks made to the design). The designs, originally, were from which have then been adjusted slightly and have the customisation of the 'Est' date (in this instance the birth date of the recipient).

The paint effect was created by applying acrylic paints, then sanding areas of it back to create a distressed, vintage look.

Blade Runner 'Prints'

This set of Blade Runner 'prints' are engravings created on Birch Ply wood then hand painted. The client originally came to us wanting something that represented the main cast of the original Blade Runner film. After some discussions with the client, we came to the conclusion that something more icon-based might work better (as engraving highly detailed images of people is a difficult thing and not always effective).

After a research phase we settled on using some of the intricate and wonderful details that were used to create the world of Blade Runner. The Voight Kampff test issued by the Blade Runners to seek out Replicants. The logo of the company that creates the replicants themselves (the Tyrell owl). The Unicorn - a repeated symbolic image throughout the film, taunting Deckard and leading the viewer to believe he may be a replicant. And, of course, the Atari logo - rendered in giant, illuminated letters in the film and re-created here to round the set off.

Shadowcat Creative Coaster set

These coasters were created in collaboration with the founder of Shadowcat Creative - a design agency local to us in the south of England. More information about how this set was designd and created can be found on this blog post.

Acrylic nightlight

This was another Christmas 2017 commission. It's a flamingo nightlight, made with pink fluorescent acrylic and then edge lit using micro LEDs.

The battery pack is stored inside the frame (it's a box frame) and part of the rear of the frame is cut off to allow easy access to the light switch.

Apologies for the bad quality photo - it's very hard to photograph these!