Perfecting packaging?

Perfecting packaging?

Perfecting packaging?

At this stage, the coasters are designed (mostly), tested, engraved, painted and lacquered, but what happens when someone pushes the magic button worded 'buy'?

It's something I hadn't given much thought to, if I'm honest. I just thought, shove 'em in a box and send them out. But actually, that really doesn't cut the mustard and I don't think it does justice to what I hope are a lovely set of designs!

Some quick googling and Etsy stalking gave me plenty of inspiration. Turns out packing a product requires almost as much thought and care as creating the product itself. Something, I'm sad to say, I still haven't got to grips with quite yet.

First, there is the box. I estimate there are approximately 1.3 million box retailers on the internet offering a bewildering array of cardboard sheaths for my little wooden drinks mats. Obviously, I still couldn't find an exact fit tho, so decided I would engineer something using my laser cutter!

I bought some boxes, slightly too large (to accommodate bigger orders) and designed and created a little spacer that sits in the box so the coasters fit snugly.

Then there is some packing material - a little sheet of foam, cut into a square (bubble wrap is fun, but messy to cut to size)!

Finally, to top it off, every purchase includes a beermat business card. Printed using a stamp I made on the laser cutter, each one featuring a design from another set (selected at random).

It's not what I expected when I thought of selling coasters, but actually makes perfect sense. I hope that people will like the product, but the experience of buying and receiving them is also really important. Like the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression!