About us

As of the 18th March 2020 we've made the decision to close our shop until further notice. There is currently lots going on in the world and we need to focus on other things for the time being. We hope you understand. 

In the meantime we'll still be posting on Instagram, so head over there to keep up to date on what we're up to. Finally we hope that you all keep safe over the difficult next few weeks/months. Take care everyone.


Toasted Designs is an independent maker, based in a small town in Hampshire, UK.

Our aim is to create practical artworks - lovely designs in a form factor that can be used everyday. At first this means a range of coasters and prints - laser engraved onto natural bamboo, acrylic and ply.

We will also offer custom designs and personalised items engraved onto wood, acrylic, ceramic, glass, leather or cardstocks. For weddings, birthdays or just to have something nice for your desk or wall. 

We aim to create something that you'll love and we'll be proud of creating. Please get in touch with us at info@toasteddesigns.co.uk